Hello, and welcome to the LDS Dating Guide! Dating can sometimes be hard, and those of us behind the LDS Dating Guide know that as well as anybody else. But we also know that it can be a lot of fun, and it's definitely worth it to get out there and develop friendships and relationships of any kind. Whether you are looking for fun ideas for that first date, looking for something creative to do with a long time boyfriend/girlfriend, or just curious what Church leaders have said about LDS dating standards or any other advice they have given, the LDS Dating Guide will be sure to help you.

If you want to quickly browse through date ideas and either pick one or spark an idea for yourself, head to our date idea section and pick from one of our many categories. If you need some dating advice, browse our blog posts as well as the sections of talks and quotes from Church leaders. If you have some ideas of yourself, feel free to contact us with them as well!

Most importantly of all, have fun going through our site, and good luck with your dating!

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