Being Alone vs Loneliness

People confuse and see these two words as the same thing most of the times. They believe that anyone who is alone is lonely, and the only time a person can feel lonely is when they are alone. Both couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Though the words themselves are similar, there is a great difference between the two.cute-cuddly-toy-cartoon-costume

When you are lonely, you want someone or something to fill up your time, to fill the emptiness in your routine and to fill up a void in your heart. You can be longing for something that doesn’t exist any longer or that never existed in the first place. You are looking for company, and feel discouraged when you are alone. Loneliness is an undesirable mindset where you are often waiting for something.

Being “alone”, on the other hand, can actually be something constructive.  With the proper mindset, this can turn this into something that is good for yourself. If you are confident when you are alone, it means that you are really pleased with yourself.  You no longer have an attitude of needing more and more.  It can be a form of blissful happiness, simply being content with where you are at and relaxing. You are not depending on anybody else but yourself for your happiness.  You can learn to be comfortable being yourself and being by yourself.  This doesn’t mean having companionship is bad, but that being alone can be turned into something positive.

The strange thing about loneliness is how little it has to do with being alone. Loneliness is an emotion you could possibly have just after a separation, break up, divorce, distance, conflict, and more. The contact you wish to have with someone is not there, but you are longing for it. You need it so bad that it impacts you. The ideal thing to do at times like this is to find a way to overcome this bitter state by stepping into a peaceful one. Chances are, you are not truly alone. There are likely friends and family who are perfectly willing to be there for you. You can even immerse yourself in a previously forgotten hobby or in a new one. It is completely up to yourself to be happy; get a bite to eat, play by yourself, go on an adventure, read a book, or do anything else that you need to. Become a happier person for yourself by yourself. You can define and find out who you are when you are alone.

pexels-photo-26455Before you start another relationship, it is important to understand the joy and see the satisfaction that can come by being alone. If you try to find something or someone to fill the emptiness of your loneliness, you may find the same thing. Too often we see being alone as a bad thing, but in your loneliness, you can discover yourself – someone you might have never thought you were. This “new you” might be capable of many things you might have never imagined possible. The answer often lies within you; your bliss, happiness, joy and nirvana all come from within yourself. All you need to do is close your eyes, dig into yourself for that bit of strength, and breathe.

Just realize that no matter what you happen to be or feel at this moment, the power to change or maintain it is within yourself, not anybody else.  Sometimes, the best remedy to loneliness is to be alone.

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