Date Idea: Skittle Bowling

One of the most common date ideas is bowling. It is fun, relatively cheap, and easy to plan, however,  if you are going on lots of dates and it is bowling every week it may start to get a little boring. There are many ways to turn this traditional date idea into a creative date. One of our favorites is skittle bowling because it is simple and can be changed to fit your needs. The idea of Skittle bowling is easy.

  1. Buy a bag of skittles
  2. Decide on a bowling technique for each color of a skittle. For example, red: bowl with your eyes closed. Here are a list of colors for a normal package of skittlesBowling Date
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Orange
  3. Take turns picking a skittle at random before bowling and follow the bowling technique previously agreed on.
  4. Continue taking turns until skittles are gone, or you are done bowling.


Here are a few bowling techniques you could use on a group date or a single date:

  • Bowl with your normal bowling technique
  • Bowl with your NonDominant Hand
  • Bowl through your legs facing the pins
  • Bowl through your legs facing away from the pings
  • Bowl Backwards
  • Spin around three times then bowl
  • Bowl with a ramp
  • Have your pick another skittle and bowl for you
  • Have your date stand in front of you with their legs spread and bowl through their legs.
  • Sit on the floor and bowl by pushing the ball with your feet
  • Get the lightest ball and bowl as fast as you can
  • Bowl with the heaviest ball possible
  • Ask a stranger to bowl for you
  • Bowl in slow motion
  • Bowl on one foot
  • Sit on someone’s knee and bowl
  • Invent your own bowling technique

Along with these fun bowling techniques,  we have found many couples like a little competition. On many dates that go bowling we have noticed that the couples like to make a bet where the losing individual or couple either pays for dessert or has to jump into a hot tub with all of their clothes on.  It is really important before making any of these challenges that you know the personality and bowling experience of your date and other couples if you are in a group. As fun as this sounds to many people, there are others who may not like the idea especially depending on the consequence.  Here is a small list of fun bowling bets for your date.

  • Pay for
    • the bowling game
    • dessert
    • dinner
    • etc.
  • Jump in a hot tub with all of your clothes on
  • Do the running man in the middle of the bowling alley
  • Loser has to eat something spicy
  • Sing Live Karoake
  • Give the winner a kiss
  • Has to draw a mustache on their face
  • Tell an embarrassing story
  • Tell a secret
  • go to the bathroom, put your clothes on backwards and go to a public place

One of the challenges with bowling as a first date, especially if it is not as a group, you are constantly rotating any there tends not to be as much conversation between you and your date. This is crucial because you are not going on a date to go bowling, but generally to have fun, and most importantly to get to know your date.  If it is your first date we highly recommend that you have one or even two of the skittles where the person has to answer a question from the list of conversation starters before they bowl. This combination of questions and creative bowling techniques is a great blend to get to know your date while having fun.

We know that there are many other creative ways to bowl if you have a creative bowling technique or a fun, but clean bowling bet please add them to the comments.




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