Date Idea: The Wreck This Journal

If you are looking for a date idea that is creative, good for long distance, or maybe even both you need to get the Wreck-It Journal by Keri Smith. The Wreck-It Journal is an activity where you and your date follow the creative prompts and destroy the book. This idea is perfect because it can be done together at the same time, or even pass the book back forth making it perfect for those looking a great long distance date idea. Sending it through the mail is even one of the prompts. The best part of this idea is it isn’t only creative and great for long distance it is very cheap unless you are shipping it internationally, but we will explain some fun alternatives.

Creative Date Idea: So you need a date that is simple, but more than the usual bowling, movie or game night then this is your date. In most cases, all you need to do is go to a Barnes and Nobles or order the book off Amazon. The directions are pretty direct for example “climb up high and drop the journal”, “place all stickers from your produce here”, and our favorite, “find a way to freeze this page.” You can do this for however long you like, or even set a goal to do a certain amount of pages a day, week, or month.  The best part is once you are bored the book can sit on the shelf gather dust until the next time you are bored or need a cheap date.

Another fun idea is to pass it off and take turns doing pages. We will explain this in more detail in the next section.

Long Distance Date Idea: As mentioned previously the book can be passed back and forth. It actually is one of the pages to mail it to yourself or in our case your significant other. Depending on the distance and your financial situations the frequency in which you pass it is up to you. You also can send it in a long distance care package. We do know that this is a slower process so we suggest that while you have it to try and have someone take pictures of you filling it out and send those pictures in a text, or email.  These are great reminders to let the other know you are thinking about you, in those moments when you can’t talk.


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