How to Survive the First Day of School from a Dating Perspective

The first day of school. Whether it is your first day of college, or you are just coming back to school, It’s a phrase that brings about a myriad of emotions – some good, some bad. There are a lot of unknowns, and a lot to be excited for. Most of us just want to know how to survive the first day of school,  and here you are going to learn how to do just that, from a dating perspective. The first day of school has more to do with dating than it does learning. Really, just hear us out…with these first day of school dating tips you just might make it through the first day getting more than just homework, but also a date.


The Seating Arrangement

Do all of us remember being in elementary school just hoping that we would get put in the same class as our best friend, only to find out they got the teacher with a cool class pet and you had the crankiest teacher of the entire faculty?  Or what about Junior High and High School, where you could finally pick classes, only to be separated by some grouch who thought you and your friend had too much fun together, so they made the worst possible seating arrangement. You didn’t get to sit by your friend OR the cute guy/girl you wanted an excuse to talk to. You didn’t even get to sit by the kid that was good at math. Life was so unfair back then.

That’s the good thing about life though.  In its unfairness, sometimes it gives us a good break.  In college you’ve moved on from the days of hoping to be in your friend’s class.  You’re roommates now, you’ve picked a schedule full of awesome classes, and sitting next to the cute boy/girl you want to talk to is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU.  You just have to play it right.

Even though the majority of college classes have no seating arrangements the entire year, where people sit during the first few days of class sort of becomes an unspoken arrangement.  If you break it, you’ll have disrupted the entire mojo of the classroom.  The teacher won’t be able to find the students they want to call on, they’ll forget names, and you might get a few glares from other students.  Really.



That’s why the first day of classes are so important.  Here’s what you have to do…find one of the cute people in class, then sit next to them.  That’s it.  Just don’t show up too early, because you don’t want to be the first one there then have to sit alone hoping the cute people sit next to you.  Come before class starts, just before the seats are full and when you have time to do a quick scope of the landscape

Use the flowchart below if you need any help.

How to Sit Next to a cute girl

And just like that you’ve done it.  You have a semi-permanent spot next to the girl or guy of your dreams.  Use these next few tips to make it last.


Introduce Yourself

If you thought we spent a lot of time talking about the seating arrangement, that’s because it is the precursor to EVERYTHING that follows.  Now that you are sitting next to someone, introduce yourself.  As awkward as it might feel to do that as soon as you sit down, the longer you wait, the more awkward it’s going to get.  Do you think that two weeks into classes when you’ve built up your courage you can say, “Hey, I just realized I’ve sat next to you for the last two weeks and I’ve never had the courage nor the decency to introduce myself.  I’m so-and-so, what’s your name?” It’s weird, and they will probably think so too.  So suck it up and introduce yourself right away.  Ask them if it is their first class of the day, if they’re excited for it, why they are taking it, what year they are…really there are so many ways to start a conversation.  Pick any of them.  Just say something, because we all know, silence can be awkward.


Homework Groups

This advice applies to anybody, Freshman to Seniors, but I’ll start by addressing the new college kids.  College has more homework than high school, and it’s a lot harder.  Take advantage of a study group.  Now for the rest of you, even if you are two years into college and you’ve never liked meeting up with others to do homework, it’s not too late now.  What’s so great about a study group?  As hard as it might be to believe, there is bound to be someone out there that will be better than you at some given subject.  So first off, it will help with your studies.  Sometimes bouncing ideas off of one another is great too.

But this article isn’t about getting good grades, it’s about getting that girl/guy.  Lots of people use study groups, and it’s a great way to meet new people and spend time with them.  That is where your seating comes into play.  When you get a homework assignment, ask your neighbor if they want to work on it with you.  Does that feel too forward?  Just say you are trying to put together a study group for the course because you’ve heard it will make assignments easier (which you really did hear that, from us).  Still don’t like that?  Tell them you are making a Google Doc to share notes and you want to see if they want to use it/add to it.  Boom.  You now have a chance to get their phone number, e-mail address, or Facebook.  If you study with them, you’ll be seeing them once to twice a week, outside of class.  You did it.  Pat yourself on the back, champ.




Now, you just have to make sure you sit by them again the second day.  The seating isn’t set permanently after one day, it might take a few.  If you’ve changed your mind about where you want to sit or whether you are really interested in that person or not, go ahead and try again the next day.  Just remember your chances get smaller and smaller with each passing class period.


Other Social Activities

Try to find out what kind of stuff is going on at the school, in the dorms, in your apartment complex, or in the community.  Get out and meet new people.  Don’t spend your first day after classes alone at home or only hanging out with the few same people you always do.  Bring them along to meet new people.  And guys, don’t be afraid to meet new guy friends too, it’s just an opportunity to meet even more people later.  Be social and widen your circle of friends.  Remember, everyone is probably feeling similar to you.  Regardless of what year in college you are in, the first day of school is always going to make people feel a bit out of place. Take advantage of that to make new friends when people are looking for them.

It’s a lot easier to get into new friend groups or make new friends at the beginning of the year.  Don’t try to take it easy and play it slowly by waiting so that it’s more “natural”.  In any relationship, no matter what kind of platonic relationship it might have come from, came from somebody taking the initiative.  Somebody was bold.  Don’t waste time and be confident from the get go!


Your Appearance

We’re all told that it’s the inside that really counts, and it really does, except for when it doesn’t.  First impressions really are important, and the first impression you are going to give people is by what they see (or smell).  So make sure you’re dressed and groomed well and that you have some sort of cologne, deodorant, or perfume on.  You don’t want someone thinking you have bad hygiene from Day 1, because you are very unlikely to change that impression.  Use your outward appearance to give others the desire to get to know what you’re like on the inside.  You don’t need to be the most beautiful girl or the most handsome guy, just take a few extra minutes to take care of yourself in the morning.




Don’t be ____________!

What words came to your mind first?  Okay, don’t forget them, you’ll need them later.  There are a lot of words you can put here.  A creep.  Too cocky.  Too shy.  Too forward.  Awkward.  Now, fill that blank with whatever word came to your mind first, or whatever one of those last words stuck out to you the most.  Follow that advice. If you couldn’t think of any words or nothing stuck out to you, I’ll give you another one: a tool. That probably means you should be less of a tool.



That’s it really. If you follow these first day of school tips, this year is gonna start out better than any year before.  You’ll have more friends, be more social, and maybe even get a date with someone you never would have otherwise.

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