Creative Date Ideas

We have thrown out all of the clichés! Dinner and a movie can be fun occasionally, but if you’re really looking to have a great time, here are some much more creative date ideas.

  • Attend a Reading
  • Play tourist in your home town
  • Tourism/scavenger hunts
  • Card Board Camp out
  • Progressive dinner with each course at a different place
  • Tent in backyard and order take out
  • Paint portraits of each other
  • Pinewood derby
  • Best structure with popsicle sticks
  • Pan for Gold
  • Golfball hunting
  • Three legged basketball
  • Water Ballon Basketball
  • Water Ballon Volleyball
  • Play the Price is Right at a store
  • Ice cream sculpting contest
  • Use Uber
  • Make puppets and put on a show
  • Return a cart race
  • Thrift Store/DI Fashion Show
  • Take fake wedding pictures and send them out
  • Where is Waldo
  • Set up a Lemonade Stand
  • Wishes in a public fountain
  • Make and bury a Time Capsule
  • Look for a rainbow after rainstorm
  • Put temporary tattoos on each other
  • Make coupons for each other for favors
  • Dream believer: Tell each other about dreams you’ve had; interpret them
  • Visit places from your favorite movies
  • Join the campaign for a local political figure
  • Set a world record
  • Do a rain dance
  • Participate in a local fundraiser
  • Create a tradition of your own
  • Lock your love with a padlock
  • Do you have a creative date idea that wasn’t on this list that you want to share?  Fill out the form below!

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