What Do Girls Want in a Guy?

At some point in time, most guys have thought about what their girl wants. Some guys will just pexels-photo (6)become a girl’s slave, doing anything she asks to try and find the answer to this question. But there is more you can to do to be proactive.

Girls want you to be insistent and consistent.

Most guys get tossed or rejected the first time and then hold their peace, which is something that can be annoying for girls. When you fail that first time, do not give up. Girls like it when you show some dedication and determination in chasing them, so be a little bit persistent. This doesn’t mean being persistent when she has repeatedly let you know she isn’t interested though. It’s up to you to try and figure out if she is testing you or really not interested. If she says no when you ask her out on a date, there is nothing wrong with trying again.  If it becomes a pattern of rejections, that is when you can give up.  Girls don’t want to see you as being the kind of guy that will bounce between girls until they find the easy one.  It’s a rather complex concept, but sometimes it comes down to them testing you to see if you are really sincere or not.

Girls want you to take the lead.

In any relationship it is important to respect one another’s decisions and desires, but if you are trying so hard to please a girl that you always ask her what she wants to do and force her to make decisions, that is likely going to have the opposite effect.  It is a big shut off to girls when you make them take the lead; it may reveal that you are weak and too compliant. What girls want from a guy is someone who is decisive in their actions and that will follow through with their decisions. Show her you are the type of guy that can be in control that can take care of her.



Girls look for a man whom they can depend on, especially during a crisis. If a girl sees you as one who cannot be depended upon, she isn’t very likely to be attracted to you. When you are dating a girl, this isn’t so much about meeting all her monetary needs, but rather being dependable in such a way that you will be readily available for her at any time, for the small things AND the times that she wants or needs you the most.

Good social skills

A guy can have a quick wit, or just be really good with words. Maybe they are good at telling stories and captivating an audience. pexels-photo-42389 The could be very good at making a lady feel special. Maybe they are great listeners! And maybe its a mixture of all these abilities. Social skills are important not just in your relationship, but in all kinds of daily interaction. Girls will like having a guy that can succeed in society, whether it is in school, their career, or in communication with friends and family. This is just one more way that a girl can feel safe with a guy and know that they are reliable.

Girls also want a guys who can listen and understand them. There might be some days when she might be in a bad mood and wants to tell you how annoying her day was. Instead of giving her advice, just listen to her. Sometimes she might not say much at all, but you still need to listen to what she is saying and what she is not saying. Empathizing with her and trying to figure her out is something she will want.

These are just a few things that healthy girls try to find in guys. It is not a complete list, but it is a basic overview that will definitely get you pointed in the right direction.

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