What to Expect in a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships may be complex and often take time, practice, and effort to get right. Sometimes its hard to make sure a long distance relationship is really healthy and strong. A longlong distance distance relationship might seem annoying and difficult. Being away from each other is the worst thing, but when you get together, all the days apart and the waiting becomes worth it. That is actually where one of the major problems in a long distance relationship comes from; you are often living in extremes. You are either happy when you are with them, or unhappy when you are apart. Every relationship has its set of problems, but there are some which are special to a long distance relationship.

You will get jealous at least once.

The two of you will both be creating lots of new friends; you will be jealous that all these other people get to spend time with your partner while you are so far away. You are going to be jealous of other couples that you see who walk holding hands. You may also become jealous of your partner if your experience is less than perfect. A healthy level of jealousy is normal, but don’t let it hijack your union.

Feeling insecure becomes your new thing

Being apart means your partner is around other folks more than you; no matter how secure of a person you are, the distance can make you doubt your relationship beyond warranted. So, learn to communicate. Build enough trust to be able to share everything together. Set some rules and limitations, and discuss how you will work through this before it happens.

long distance pictureYou both will change.

You are both going to be exposed to new people, concepts, and have lots of adventures. There is no doubt that you will both have different interest and views than you did before. It is nothing to be bothered by. Maybe you will have find something you think is cool that they aren’t interested in, and vice versa.  That is okay.

Feeling like you are missing out

Partners in long distance relationships have no comfort in the form of physical contact that other couples do. Little things like hand-holding, cuddling during a movie, or kisses and hugs that long distance partners yearn for. Since your relationship will continue over a computer screen, you can miss doing daily things like grocery shopping, driving to each other’s places to say hello, or going on walks together.

You won’t always be each other’s first priorities.

It sucks. In most cases when your girlfriend or boyfriend has some extra time, their first thought might not be to take the phone and contact you. They are handling the same things that you are going through. They will want to catch up on sleep, hang out with their friends, or watch Netflix and relax. It can hurt at first, but with time it is going to make sense.

For a long distance relationship to work out, both parties must be committed to creating a solid foundation of trust and reliability for the union to survive. They need to make goals together, and put in effort to make sure it survives.

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